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Custom Circular Patio Table Cover

Code: KC116


Bespoke circular outdoor covers manufactured to your chosen size. Designed to fit a multitude of use cases including for patio sets, gaming equipment, industrial equipment, commercial equipment and more.

  • Select from a range of lightweight, tough, durable and marine grade fabrics
  • Waterproof, UV and tear resistant covers manufactured in the UK
  • Huge variety of colours and styles available
  • Cover includes fitted eyelets and cord for multiple tie down and securing options
  • 5 Year Guarantee available (PVC-ST fabric only)

Delivery: 2-3 weeks

During manufacture, we add approx. 2 cm tolerance to the size of the cover to ensure a better all round fit. We will also reduce the height by approx. 2 cm to ensure the cover does not drag on the ground.
Unfortunately we're unable to offer an instant price for a cover this size. Please review your dimensions and ensure they are entered in centimetres (cm).

If your dimensions are correct, don't worry as we can still manufacture a cover of this size for you! Simply enquire below.

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You can also call us on 0118 940 6095 for help and advice.
200gsm Polyethylene textile that's tarpaulin-like, cross laminated, woven and extremely tough. Polyethylene is also lightweight, waterproof, mildew resistant with good UV stability and is non-porous making it easy to clean. Ideal for small-medium sized covers.
Excellent 500 denier waterproof-backed polyester is a long lasting fabric ideally used for smaller indoor dust or storage covers. Polyester is very lightweight, medium strength, waterproof, and UV stabilised while being easy to clean.
PVC-ST is an extremely strong all-weather Marine grade textile, that's durable with superior UV stability. The fabric is 100% waterproof, mildew resistant, non-porous and very easy to clean while able to cope outdoors in -30/+70°c temperatures. Can also be sign printed for an additional cost.
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Custom Cover Price

PVC-ST (5 Year Guarantee)

custom made outdoor covers

Available Colours

Black PVC-ST
Mid Grey
Light Grey
High Gloss Blue
High Gloss Beige
High Gloss Red
PVC-ST White
High Gloss White


  • 5 Years
  • 12 Years
  • long lasting covers offering the very best outdoor cover protection & excellent indoor-use commercial/industrial covers

Fabric Details

Superior in quality and performance against any polyester,  this 100% waterproof textile is the most suitable for UK climate as well as use in countries such as Spain, Switzerland and France.

  • Marine grade textile, extremely strong, durable, superior UV stability, 100% waterproof, mildew resistant, non-porous easy to clean, ability to cope in -30/+70°.
  • Ideal for all sizes of covers, shapes and designs, as this textile can be High Frequency welded (strongest form of join) so no matter the size of cover, the top panel will be seam-free and 100% waterproof.
  • Can be sign printed onto (POA)

This textile is also available (POA) in slightly different thicknesses and with option to being fire retardant, this makes it ideal for many types of machinery covers or where it will be used for a commercial or industrial purpose. Mesh panels can be added low down onto covers to allow airflow and breathability (POA).

We source the majority of our textile from Germany, America and France, who are at the forefront of innovative, consistently high performance textiles. We will never compromise our PVC-ST textile quality. We use this textile for our own brand of covers which we are well known for.

Polyethylene (200 GSM)

custom made outdoor covers

Available Colours

Grey Polyethylene
Green Polyethylene
Black Polyethylene


  • 3 Years
  • 5 Years
  • Lightweight waterproof covers which are tough, strong, yet cost-economic

Fabric Details

This 200gsm cross laminated woven polyethylene is stronger than most polyesters, yet is a very cost-effective choice as it is a tarpaulin-like textile.  With the correct design, fit and use should see many years. It has some fantastic properties, and for medium sized outdoor covers would be second-best to PVC-ST.

  • Lightweight, waterproof, strong, mildew resistant, good UV stability, and non-porous easy to clean; This textile is ideal for outdoor use.
  • Ideal for small-medium sized covers (not for anything which has 2 or more length/width over 2m).

Important note: Due to the textile being 2m off the roll, if the item is more than 195cm in more than 1 direction then there will need to be a seam landing somewhere on the top panel (which would be to our discretion).  If this is the case then we will warn you, and the cover will not be fully waterproof.  It is important to note that this textile has a more tarpaulin-like appearance and feel to it.

The lifespan expectation shown is based upon a small sized good-fitting cover in average weather conditions, ground-floor use in the UK.  We do put a 3 years guarantee* on this textile subject to the cover being the correct fit, size and application.

If used as an indoor dust cover, the life expectancy would be a lot more.

Polyester (500 Denier)

custom made patio table cover

Available Colours



  • 1 Year
  • 5 Years
  • Lightweight dust covers, exhibition covers, semi-exposed outdoor covers

Fabric Details

Excellent and long lasting as an indoor-use dust cover or storage cover.  Can be used for certain outdoor furniture covers.

  • Very lightweight, medium strength, waterproof, UV stabilised, fabric-like feel to it, easy to clean.
  • Excellent and beautiful qualities for exhibition covers.
  • Can be folded down very small.
  • Available as Fire Retardant (POA).

500 denier waterproof-backed polyester is used a lot in the outdoor cover industry.  It is favoured by many companies who manufacture overseas; but for a very exposed outdoor cover requiring long uncompromisable life-span within the UK climate we favour PVC-ST or polyethylene.

Important note: Due to the textile only being 1.5m off the roll, if the item is more than 145cm in more than 1 direction then there will need to be a seam landing somewhere on the top panel (which would be to our discretion).  If this is the case then we will warn you, and the cover will not be fully waterproof. 

The life span expectation shown is based upon a semi-exposed small outdoor furniture cover.  The average dust cover is usually 10 years+.

Are the fabrics waterproof?

Yes, Polyethylene, Polyester and PVC-ST fabrics are waterproof.

Will the cover blow off in the wind?

The covers we manufacture come complete with fitted eyelets and strong cord for tying down and securing. Tying the cover down in this way prevents them from from blowing away in blustery weather conditions.

How should I measure the item for a custom cover?

When measuring, please provide the dimensions required as per the outline drawing displayed. Ensure to measure your item exactly without adding any extra for tolerance. Prior to manufacture, we will confirm the sizes with you and then add a few centimetres tolerance all round to improve the overall fit during manufacture.

Will the colour of the fabric fade in the sunlight?

Polyethylene and Polyester fabrics will eventually fade over time if regularly exposed to sunlight. PVC-ST however will not fade.

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