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Heavy duty 3 seater hammock cover

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This heavy duty hammock cover is designed to offer the highest level of protection for your hammock or swing seat.

  • Manufactured from PVC-ST (arguably the very best textile for providing long lasting outdoor cover protection)
  • Strong anti-rust brass eyelets around the bottom, with elasticated shock cord to secure
  • 100% waterproof textile, which also has extraordinary UV stability, and great resistance to mildew
  • Features heavy duty zips – also with a protective lip each side to help keep the zip clean and discreet
  • Roll up front panel – this can be neatly rolled up and clipped up via the adjustable clips and straps.  This also aids get the cover on/off, and allows you access to your hammock even with the cover on
  • Comes with 5 years guarantee*
  • Protection from wind, rain, Sun’s damaging UV rays, hail, snow, leaves, dirt, and bird droppings
  • Manufactured in the UK by us – using only the best high quality materials and manufacturing methods
Length224 cm / 88.12 inches
Depth153 cm / 60.24 inches
Height at front190 cm / 74.80 inches
Height at back160 cm / 62.99 inches

This strong, robust waterproof hammock cover is manufactured from high quality PVC-ST textile, by us in the UK.  We have been using this textile for outdoor furniture covers for than 15 years now, and see majority going strong still at 10 years plus.  This textile offers a superior level of protection, as it can easily withstand heavy rain, hail, snow, storms, as well as damaging UV rays.

If you have never had a Kover-it brand of cover (any of our PVC-ST covers) then we hope to impress, as our ethos has always been about manufacturing long lasting covers designed to offer the very best protection all year round.

*Our 5 year guarantee is subject to domestic-use only covers, and excludes fair wear and tear, for full details on our guarantee please visit our terms and conditions.

The measurements we show are those of the actual cover, therefore you should consider allowing for adequate ‘wiggle’ room to easily get the cover on and off, and there should ideally be a slight gap at the ground.  In most cases a good fit for a cover usually means:

  • The cover should be approx. 2-4cm more in length and width compared to your item
  • The cover should be approx. 1-4cm less in height compared to your item (more if you wish for more of a gap)

The shape of the item will dictate how a cover sits on the item, if you are unsure of size and fit please get in touch with us so we may help advise. 


This textile is truly 100% waterproof this is superior to ‘water-resistant’.  PVC-ST can take an extremely high volume and pressure of water.

It also has excellent UV stability.


This cover features strong brass eyelets frequently spaced around the bottom, with thick robust elasticated shock cord to thread through and secure in place.

Shock cord can be tucked beneath feet/legs on some items of furniture.  It is also very easy to replace or amend.

Are there any care tips?

Always ensure that your hammock and the inside of the cover is clean and dry before putting the cover in place.

Air your hammock regularly- this means rolling up the front panel as well as also removing the whole cover for periods of time.

When the cover is not in use keep it neatly folded somewhere safe.

Always use the brass eyelets and shock cord to secure the cover in place.

After a period of 1 year, use silicone spray or wax on the zips teeth to keep it clean and running smoothly, and repeat every 6 months.

Never leave a zip partly undone, if the front panel is down the zip should be fully used

How do I clean/maintain this cover?

Due to PVC-ST being non-porous, it means heavy rain will wash away most dirt and grime for you! But to clean it properly just give it a wipe with a wet sponge or use a hose pipe on low setting.

Since this cover has a zip, we advise after a period of 1 year, use silicone spray or wax on the zips teeth to keep it clean and running smoothly, and repeat every 6 months.

How do you secure the cover in place?

We supply a strong elasticated shock cord which you thread through the brass eyelets around the bottom of the cover, pull tight and tie a knot. For this hammock cover we suggest thread the cord through sides and back, tie a neat bow around each front leg of the hammock. This allows the front panel to be easily rolled up and down without the shock cord needing to be removed. However, if you are somewhere very exposed to the elements we do suggest threading the cord all the way around the bottom of the cover.

How thick is the textile?

We use a 580-600gsm PVC-ST which is classed as a heavy duty textile, this is also why it is so long lasting and strong.

What happens if this cover does not fit?

We supply lots of information on the measurements of this cover to try and avoid this situation. But if in the instance it does not fit, please get in touch with us straight away or within 14 days so we may help organise your return/refund or exchange subject to our terms and conditions.

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