Kover-it Made to Measure Outdoor Kitchen Cover, (PVC-ST)

Kover-it Made to Measure Outdoor Kitchen Cover, (PVC-ST)
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Kitchen barbecue cover manufactured complete with zips in all the area's to gain access to the compartments when the cover is on. Velcro and zips to make it easy to get the cover on and off. Top quality textile manufactured in Germany supplied to Kover-it who manufactured the bespoke cover for a perfect fit. The cover and cost is just a guide for a typical unit of this kind of size. The textile can be use in hot countries and is good for sea front conditions as it is a structural Pvc. A cover designed to last many years.

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Unlike off-the-shelf covers available, Kover-t bespoke covers are made from marine-grade textile and guaranteed for up to 5 years! Choose from over 20 waterproof colours.

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